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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Write Graffiti Alphabet?

Graffiti Creator : How To Write Graffiti Alphabet Art Design?

Alphabet graffiti art is one that is born of an expression of their freedom. Graffiti found in many large cities, and appear much opposed, as it is considered an art that littered the walls of the city only just. However, when this graffiti is considered one of the new current in the art world, and has its own characteristics in the art world.
Things You'll Need: * Pencil (2H, 9B)
* Color pencils
* Reference guide * Sketch paper

1. Step 1

Determine the style of graffiti alphabet you want to create. Some styles include graffiti alphabet bubble, wavy and jagged. Each of These styles have specific Characteristics. To make a consistent graffiti alphabet, it's Important to choose one style and stay with it. Mixing styles will from the make your alphabet is chaotic. Bubble, wavy and jagged are the oldest, most widely recognized styles. Bubble is a good beginning choice Because the letters are round and fat.

2. Step 2
Start with a hard tipped pencil, Standard and Poor '3H or 2H. Will this allow you to draw the outline of your letters lighter. Use a full sketch for Each letter sheet. Start with A and work your way through the alphabet. For bubble letters, place your pencil on the paper Wherever you feel comfortable and draw the letters in as Few movements as possible, lifting your pencil from the paper away Pls only absolutely Necessary to avoid crossing your parts of your letters over one another. The key is to overdraw your letters, Almost in caricature style, so they want well-rounded look and fat. For the bubble style, avoid using in the hard, straight lines. Keep a handy reference chart Until you have fully mastered the style (see Resources).

3. Step 3
Draw Each letter's first phase and set it aside Until Each letter you have drawn. Go back to your first letter with a softer pencil. A 9B is extremely soft and will from Darker give you the output. The object is to add shading and depth to your graffiti letters by coloring the edges of Them Each letter to fatten up with color. Graffiti letters need a bit of a 3D effect to Make Them Work. After you've added this dimension, go over the lighter lines with your 9B to bring them out, then add A Few lines on the face of Each letter to give it surface texture.

alphabet graffiti, graffiti letters-graffiti creator 4. Step 4
Use color pencils to bring your letters to life. Pastels and hot neon colors work best with graffiti. Do not be afraid to mix the colors on Each letter, letting the colors overlap and blend to create odd color effects. Part of the fun of graffiti is the bright colors, so get creative with the blending.

alphabet graffiti, graffiti letters-graffiti creatoralphabet graffiti, graffiti letters-graffiti creator

Graffiti Creator : How To Write Graffiti Alphabet Art Design?

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