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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graffti Creator : How to Make Graffiti Alphabet ?

How to Make Graffiti Alphabet Art Design ?

Graffiti has existed since ancient times, even since the time of making of the pyramids in Egypt. graffiti artists are considered only at the beginning of art that littered a city, but now the art of graffiti has been used to create a very beautiful work, as an ornamental cities and buildings in the city. and many fashion designers who use graffiti art to create their works. Graffiti is a form of free expression that came out of the idea that graffiti artists.
Graffiti Creator
# Step 1

Research Different types of graffiti. Since graffiti is an individual expression, Become familiar with how graffiti artists have formed on their letters and expressions. Use examples for inspiration and a style guide as you develop your own style of expression.
#Step 2

Take your paper and pencil. Start with one or two letters alphabet. Using the pencil, draw Them in large capital letters on the paper. Leave lots of space Between Each letters so there is' Plenty of room to Modify Each letter.
#Step 3

Some of the Round Corners on the letters. If you like bubble letters, 'Modify the letters to look like bubbles. Each letter Vary. Some Can be round; Some cans have hard, squared or jagged edges. Exaggerate an aspect of Each Letter. Make Some of the spaces within Each letter Smaller or larger than would normally be the case. Remember: 'there is no rule. You are the artist, experiment and create your personal style.
#Step 4

Choose a marker. Use your favorite color or colors Different Trust. Outline the letters. Follow your original pattern or Vary the lines in the letters with bold Some strokes. Use color. Be bold. Be creative as you draw.
#Step 5

The thickness of the lines on the letters Should be Different. Make Some of the lines on Each letter Thicker than Others for visual interest. Shade the lines. Shading will from the add a dimensional effect.
#Step 6

Add details to the letters. Use Hands That Grip the bar of a letter. Add stars within or outside the letters. Add eyes to peek out of the spaces in the letters or in-Between the letters. Surround the letter with a bubble. Use Arrows squiggles to highlight a part of a letter or the entire letter.

How to Make Graffiti Alphabet ?

Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial
Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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