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Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Is Graffiti Alphabet ?

graffiti alphabet

What is graffiti alphabet? 
Graffiti (graffiti or Graffiti alphabet) is a fine art that uses the composition of color, line, shape and volume to write a sentence on the wall. The tool usually used spray paint cans or spray paint.
Graffiti in Pompeii. This graffiti any posts of people who use the language of Latin and non Latin Classic. The habit began painting on the wall of the primitive man as a hunting communicate. At this time, graffiti used as a mystical and spiritual to bring the spirit of hunting.The development of the arts in the era of ancient Egypt, also showed activity in painting walls pyramid. Painting communicate this nature that found a Pharaoh (Pharaoh) made after the mummy. 

Activities graffiti as a means to show less like the authorities, a new era began in the Roman painting with evidence of satire against the government in the building walls. Painting found in the ruins of this city of Pompeii. Meanwhile, in Rome itself used as a propaganda tool to create a Christian who embraces at the time of the emperor prohibited. 

Graffiti at the time of MODERN 
Graffiti on the wall separator Israel in the Israel-Palestine. 
The existence of social classes separate cause too much trouble for the public to express the particular art activity. As a result, some individuals who use the facilities available in almost all cities, the walls. 
Arts education is less frequently the object appears in the form of graffiti writings or password is understood that only certain classes. Usually, this paper shows the satisfied against the social conditions they experienced. 
While graffiti in general, are harmful and cause the high cost of maintenance of cleanliness of the city, but the graffiti remains the expression of art that must be respected. There are so many famous artists of the career of graffiti. 
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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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