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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti fonts

Flow or in the graffiti style quite a lot, but the "tag" is a basic need that is owned by the bomber. Tags is a style in writing or make pictures or any posts, so interesting, usually the bomber has a characteristic of each of the tags on it is. In addition there are also tags called the throw-up or called the regular fill-in, this is a technical drawing very quickly by using two to three colors, where speed becomes the main goal in the style of this one. 

graffiti alphabet
Most exciting graffiti in what is called in the wild style. This is a style in which a bomber could do anything, be it in terms of design or color selection, and the works of the most extreme things to be the most interesting here. The bomber also produce another work that sometimes make a person must consider carefully the purpose and meaning of the works they are.
Graffiti alphabet_Graffiti_Graffiti Arrow_Graffiti Letter_GRaffiti Fonts_Digital Graffiti Alphabet_Graffiti Alphabet 3D_Graffiti

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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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