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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Term in Graffiti Alphabet

Graffiti Alphabet

term in graffiti

1. batlle: A contest between Crews, judged on hits.
2. Bomb: color tag in large bubble letters.
3. Buff: To remove graffiti
4. Crew: Group tag the same individual.
5. Caps: (Fat / skinny) Spray nozzles can be used to

wide variety of styles and paint.
6. Fade: To blend colors.

7. Fresh: Really good graffiti.

8. Graf: Graffiti

9. Hit / Hit Up: To tag.
10. Landmark: A location where graffiti will not be the main

quickly be erased.
# Mob: A whole crew doing graffiti on the wall at the same time.
Piece # Book: A taggers sketch book.
# Fresh: Really good graffiti.

Rack #: To turn off the steal from the store shelves.
# Streak: Short for mean streak, cat still solid as chalk and is used on the surface of the dark.
# Tags Banging: To use violence to defend the tag.
Toy #: new, experienced authors.
# Throw Up: One layer of spray paint fill the bubble letters that are listed in other colors.
# Wild style: A complicated piece constructed with interlocking letters.
# Yard / Train Yard: Gathering place.
# Zine: Short for magazines.

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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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