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Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Make Graffiti 3-dimensional ?

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How to Make Graffiti 3-dimensional?

Graffiti numerous types ranging from the abstract, wild style, bubble, and 3 dimensions. In this post I want to give a little explanation on how to create 3-dimensional graffiti.

First of all you must do is create a sketch on a paper image.
and you find an empty wall and you paint the base color of white that can ignites pilox on the wall.
after that to prepare 3-dimensional sketch graffiti that you have created.
pilox prepare you prepare.
if you are a beginner and still in doubt (still scared) holds pilox you should make a sketch on the wall using pencil first, but if you are a professional simply use pilox but should not use the color black pilox first.
oh yes do not forget before you make a sketch on the wall should you prepare MAL. What is MAL? Mal is a tool for use in the liner in the wall, made of paper Mal / cardboard / plywood / Koran. How to create the MAL prepare you like cardboard cut into two sections hold your folding straight. And the straight edges that will be used as a ruler on the wall.
MAL is ready and after you have made a sketch on the wall and you start coloring sketches that you created on the wall. To have graffiti 3-dimensional relief you need to prepare a fitting color for shapes such as light green color and shadow to be a bit darker green color in order to generate ignites.
ago at the graffiti coloring look so neat and beautiful MAL should use that you have created earlier.
after that the graffiti has been neat to live you give a black and white blur on the shadow.
then you will produce 3-dimensional form of graffiti.
successful and hopefully successful. Progressive graffiti in Indonesia. "Respect to art."

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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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