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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet In Technique vs. Style

Technique vs. Style

At this stage it is important to explain the difference between technique and style. The technique is a means and not the end. This is a hammer and a saw with building a house - not the house itself. Techniques such freedom allows to mix own colors, draw the letters that work in the classical perspective, or describe without sinking. One potential weakness of this technique is that it can exactly imitate the work of others if desired.

graffiti arrow, graffiti alphabet
The technique is something that can be taught, but style is something that should be in a person. The technique is universal, personal style. Because the techniques and styles distinct to some extent, this has often led to confusion where to learn first. This technique is certainly easier to learn and develop naturally if one large painting and constantly trying new ways of painting.

Many graffiti writers make the mistake of first learning techniques, creating beautiful pieces, and thinking that somehow force can wait until they have the means to express it in a way that technically beautiful. This is a big mistake. The first thing any writer is to develop their own style, because without it, they will create works of art shallow, no matter how technically advanced it.

graffiti letters,graffiti alphabet
Of course, all these copies of the style at the beginning, and that's okay. There are "basic" to learn graffiti, like any other art form. Many graffiti writers have their great start by basing their work on the style of their local hero, but then the course begins, they moved into their own building. It was a beautiful sight to see every writer is a leap when they developed their own voice and build on the work of their parents. However, what is annoying is when the graffiti artists young and old to feel that their success can be achieved by making a collage of styles of other writers. These people are simply ignorant fool. Classic-trick unless writer style is to choose one of their favorite heroes and graffiti to form their own name the letters that their hero has worked tirelessly to improve the individual style. This degrading several levels. It degrades copier for obvious reasons. This degrades the copied too. Imitating others reify and make artistic products have lost control over their jobs. This is not something that every true artist wants their heroes.

Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial
Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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