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Thursday, August 6, 2009




If in the graffiti artist may have been familiar with the spray paint Pylox. To import brands, we surely know spray paint labeled Molotow and Montana. If you are choosing between these two spray paint, which would you choose for writing or drawing graffiti alphabet?

Montana character is very glossy, while the matte tend Molotow. This means that the colors of Montana more shiny. In the outdoor (which will have a lot of light),will look more reflective. In general, this means the colors of visible light brighter, while darker colors Molotow look more solid. so that to draw the graffiti can be better.
Molotow using pigment containing crystals smaller than Montana paint. This means that Montana paint cans must be shaken more often than Molotow.

Montana has a pressure spray system that is standard. While Molotow can have a pressure-regulated set. The hard cap Molotow is pressed, the more the color comes out. If pressed to slow, we can generate fleck effect. However, this still should be used with caution. Press a little harder it can fall apart fleck its effect.

Montana. Molotow make this the line that is lighter and narrower. On the one hand, this result is good control and color sparingly. On the other hand, most graffiti can take longer if this is done with the cat.

Import spray paint this really good and has all the advantages of each. So which one you choose to draw the graffiti or graffiti alphabet?Graffiti-Graffiti Alphabet-Graffiti 3D-Graffiti Fonts-Graffiti Letter-Graffiti Arrow

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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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