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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet The Spray Paint

graffiti alphabet

The spray paint

We of course already familiar with spray paint. This is a "weapon" of the main graffiti. But what we really already know the one with this tool? If you are means good, if not, there is no one to know more closely again. Here are the parts of spray paint.

stamp: this is the part that we can press to eject spray. many types of seals can be changed and changed for the thickness and line - a line you want. not close the plastic seals that lock the top of the paint cans when not in use. If the name is the "Top".

Ring: If a local brand spray paint like Pylox may not have this part. But the ring can be found in the spray paint Montana Belton and Molotow. Located right on the top at the bottom of the cans in a closed condition. Always the same color with the color of paint in cans. Its function as an indicator color paint to make it easier to know the colors that we produced a tin.

Valve: the valve is open when we hit cap, so that the propellant / press aerosol paint cans to the outside.

Propellant: Or we know also the aerosol is a gas that has high pressure to create a spray paint can be hard. The more proactive in aerosol cans, the hard pressure of the spray.

Base: primary liquids that will be mixed with a coloring substance. This fluid will make the paint stick to the wall surface after the spray. Base can be water, oil, latex, alcohol, or any liquids. Most spray paint the base oil or latex. Spray paint the base uses the water for the environment is very friendly, but very vulnerable and tends to overflow or less stick to the wall.

Pigment: main coloring substances. Powder form, but after being set with the base.

Pea: The term used for the metal ball which is inserted in the cans. We can still hear when the car shake cans. Its function is to stir the base and the pigment to be more mixed. Pea can be of one, two, or four depending on the brand of spray paint.

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Best Graffiti Art Collection | Graffiti Tutorial

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